(rearranged from May 2nd)


Real Life Drama / Romance
120 mins Certificate 15


The extraordinary story of German POW Bert Trautmann.  Talent-spotted playing football in the camp by the manager of St Helens Town, he stayed on in England at the end of the war and married the manager’s daughter.  Facing down hostility and abuse for being German, he went on to be signed by Manchester City, securing victory for his team in the 1956 Cup Final despite a broken neck.  Starring David Kross (The Reader) and Freya Mavor, and available to us within a month of cinema release, this promises to be a huge hit with Moviola audiences.  If you only book one film this season, make it this one!


“Rosenmueller’s film may struggle to articulate the complexities of Trautmann’s character, but the role he played in changing public opinion can’t be ignored and, if ever there was a story of forgiveness and reconciliation that needed retelling right now, it would surely be his. He arrived as an enemy, but went on to become the first foreign player to be voted England’s Player of the Year. Football alone may not be able to heal a nation’s deep wounds, but The Keeper suggests that, for at least 90 minutes, it can induce a much-needed sense of cohesion.”

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